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Welcome to M3 Develop Center

M3 will release some useful software designed for localization industry and you are welcome to submit your software demands.

We also are in developing some commercial software for translation industry, and they are coming soon.

Localization industry has very complex environments and workflows. There are usually more than two format conversions during translation from source language to target language. Each software that we use now has its limitation to eliminate gaps between these steps.
To achieve maximized efficiency and avoid any possible human error, M3 develops its own software to ensure automatically handling of many different localization tasks.
M3 is opening localization service company aimed to improve overall technical level for whole language industry as well as other localization companies. We share and we make values, which is the core value of Internet.

That's why Iron Man was developed.

With its built-in modules, you can easily perform some difficult tasks, such as converting format / fixing Trados enviroment / tweaking comments of Word files, in batch, with simple steps, and sometimes one click.

Excel to TMX

Quickly add several Excel files, which contain bilingual lines and convert them to TMX 1.4b or TMW format, just one single click. Conversion logs will help you to check the results, ensuring all lines are imported without errors.

Trados/MultiTerm Word Toolbar Fix

Word integration toolbars of Trados 2007, MultiTerm 2009 or MultiTerm 2011+ is fragile. When they were gone, translators with insufficient computer skills will be crazy. So we had this function for you, one click to fix them and no need to read helps from SDL or Office.

Accept/Reject Word Revisions

When translation starts, every translator likes finalized content, without any outstanding Word revisions or comments. Unfortunately, even we are sure that the contents are final, some outstanding revisions may survive, and prevent us from importing them into CAT tools. So we provide you this small module to batch handle Word revisions and/or comments.

Download Iron Man Now And Enjoy!

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